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  • "Royal Clipper Review" by ChrisFerguson1
    • Swimming under the waterfall in Grenada
      Swimming under the waterfall in Grenada
    • Sails up to the tune of Vangelis 1492
      Sails up to the tune of Vangelis 1492
    • Royal Clipper in St Lucia
      Royal Clipper in St Lucia
    • Up the mast
      Up the mast

    I had the fantastic good fortune to select a Royal Clipper Cruise in the Caribbean. From arrival at the port too the final steps away from the cruise operators, the service was amazing. Royal Clipper is probably the best looking ship in the world, both inside and out. Classixcally designed and with the maximum number of passengers being 229, she is all that one could wish for. Food is excellent, I certainly wasn't disappointed and eating dorado for the first time a real mouth watering treat.

    The service by the crew is discrete but friendly and very attentive - but not overly so. Rarely is a smile far away from the faces of any of the crew and you feel as if they genuinely enjoy what they do. This is an informal ship, with passengers being welcome on the bridge at any time of day. There is no set dress code, except that shoes and for men athletic type vests are banned from the dining room whilst a shirt should always be worn there.

    The beach trips with snorkelling equipment  provided for everyone who wants it are wonderful and the marine wildlife plentiful. There are oportunities for scuba diving if one is interested and the beach barbeque is a must. Excursions are possibly the weakest point, but even these I would score 8/10, swimming under a waterful in Grenada will live in my memory for a very long time.

    Would I recommend it to others - Yes on the proviso that they took me with them.

  • "Royal Clipper experience" by Caroltom
    • Climbing the ship's rigging
      Climbing the ship's rigging
    • Top Deck pool
      Top Deck pool
    • Sailing into Montenegro
      Sailing into Montenegro
    • At night
      At night

    I cannot recommend this cruise ship enough (Royal Clipper),  From boarding in Rome until leaving the clipper in Venice we had the most wonderful holiday we have ever had.

    The staff, food and cleanliness were excellent.  The crew even remembered your name and what drink you had after a day or two.  There was food and drink available at any time of the day or night.  The excursions were very well organised and there is always something to do on board, if you do not go ashore.

     We are certainly planning to go on another cruise on this vessel.  Perhaps to the Far East this time.

  • "Star Clipper " by superjw
    • Star Clipper
      Star Clipper
    • Climbing the rigging
      Climbing the rigging
    • Ephesus
    • Star Clipper in port
      Star Clipper in port
    • Paros, Greece
      Paros, Greece
    • Acropolis

    I decided to start my cruise holiday with an overnight stay in Athens in order to experience the Greek capital's culture and take a look at the ancient Acropolis before embarking on the Star Clipper for a 4 night ‘taster' cruise visiting, Paros, Kusadasi and Mykonos.

    A 30-minute transfer from my hotel in the centre of Athens took me to the port of Piraeus, where I caught my first glimpse of the Clipper ship. The Star Clipper looked tiny next to the cruise liners in port- perfect!

    I was welcomed aboard with a refreshing cocktail which I enjoyed on deck before checking out my cabin. I had booked a category two cabin, which was elegantly decorated with plenty of storage space and a light and airy feel.

    The food on board was delicious and certainly plentiful, with buffet style breakfasts and lunches followed by six course evening meals. I also liked the open seat dining which gave the flexibility of choosing who you sat with and the smart casual dress code stopped dinner being too much of a formal affair.

    I found the Star Clipper to be a beautiful ship which was small, yet spacious and really allowed you to embrace the overall sailing experience with opportunities to climb the rigging and help put the sails up.  One of my fondest memories of the whole holiday was the sail away party, gathered on deck, champagne in hand, with the sails being raised as we cruised away from Piraeus; truly magical.

    The crew on board were fabulous! Friendly but professional and their ability to make you feel special with little touches such as remembering your name and favourite drink, made the overall experience more enjoyable.

    Excursions were well organised and the guides were very informative - certainly something that is required in a place like Ephesus.

    Overall a truly amazing cruise holiday and one I hope to repeat sometime in the near future.

  • "Royal Clipper Honeymon" by aurielm
    • View from the cabin of Rovinj
      View from the cabin of Rovinj
    • Sailing out of Venice at sunset
      Sailing out of Venice at sunset
    • Arty woodwork
      Arty woodwork
    • Royal Clipper crew
      Royal Clipper crew

    We booked this cruise about the Royal Clipper as our honeymoon treat and we were not disppointed.  It was a fabulous experience, luxurious without being pompously OTT and the casual nature of the crew, the open seating at meal times and the smart /casual dress code all made for a truely relaxing trip.

     Would recommend to anyone - particularly if the idea of a 3000+ passenger cruise aboard a floating apartment block has put you off cruising - try out the Star Clipper fleet and you won't be disappointed.

  • "French Riviera on Royal Clipper" by jules
    • Royal Clipper in Monaco
      Royal Clipper in Monaco
    • Monte Carlo Casino
      Monte Carlo Casino
    • St Tropez
      St Tropez
    • Royal Clipper on the Cote d'Azur
      Royal Clipper on the Cote d'Azur
    • Royal Clipper Category 2 Cabin
      Royal Clipper Category 2 Cabin


    Sailing into Monaco on board Royal Clipper has to be one of those once in a lifetime moments - even with the preparations for the Grand Prix well underway, everyone stopped to stare in wonder at the amazing spectacle of Royal Clipper with all 42 sails billowing in the breeze!

    Although just on board for a short break, this beautiful ship made a lasting impression - with only around 200 people on board, there was plenty of deck space with choice of pool areas and it never felt crowded. Drinks were very reasonably priced and we particularly enjoyed cocktails in the Tropical Bar before dinner!

    Breakfast and lunch were buffet style in the magnificent dining room, with dinner being a highlight of the cruise - fantastic menus, superb service and a relaxed atmosphere. We went down to dinner around 8pm every night and always found a perfect spot to eat.

    We had a Category 2 cabin which was spacious and well designed. Being a sailing ship, cabins are never going to be enormous, but it suited us perfectly - the marble bathroom was fantastic! We were lucky enough to sneak a glimpse of a Deluxe cabin with private balcony - maybe next time or for a special occasion!

    We had a real treat the next day as Star Clipper appeared alongside us on the way to St Tropez - what a spectacle, both ships sailing together along the stunning French Riviera!

    St Tropez was a pleasant surprise. The bustling harbour was as expected with tourists, shiny yachts and souvenir shops, but venture off the main front down quaint narrow streets lined with honey coloured buildings and you get a glimpse of the real St Tropez. From old men playing boules in the park to traditional bars, shops and boutiques, it's easy to see why St Tropez is so popular!

    I was very sad to disembark Royal Clipper the next day, but have already booked my next trip from Venice along the Croatian Coast! I can't wait to get back on board...


  • "Treasures of Italy and the Adriatic" by N.Lloyd

    Wonderful holiday!
    Beautiful weather, good hotels in great locations. The best ship ever, helpful and friendly crew ,great  food, well organised  and informative excursions, nice fellow passengers what more can one say?
    Except I must do it again!

  • "Royal Clipper Grenadines Cruise" by Jean
    • Sailing



     Our third trip on this amazing tall ship, this time in the Caribbean with lots of sailing. An excellent holiday with good food, good rum punches, great beaches and snorkelling.......



  • "Bali Stay and Sail" by R.Greaney

    We started this wonderful holiday with a 2 night stay at the Seminyak Beach and Spa Hotel. We were upgraded on arrival to a suite which overlooked the lovely gardens. We wanted for nothing. The staff were so attentive from the moment we arrived. The grounds and pool area were very well kept. The food was amazing from the buffet breakfast , pool snacks and evening restaurant.

    While we were there we went to a Balinese evening at the hotel , which was great fun.

    We did venture out to shops and bars near by, all in easy walking distance but found them to be a bit backpacker orientated, in contrast to the 5* hotel.

    Benoa Port was the start of our Star Clipper 7 night cruise.

    This was our first cruise and we loved every minute of it. From the unfurling of the sails , to the magical uninhabited islands and then ending the day with a special cocktail. The cabins were immaculate and quite spacious ( cat 2 ). Food was excellent and catered for every taste . Drink prices very reasonable. There were 152 guests onboard but the only time you saw everybody was at evening meal.

    Entertainment and excursions very well organised. We had a great time and already thinking about our next cruise on a Clipper.

    Our last 2 nights we spent in Ubud , at the Como Uma Hotel. Brilliant hotel in the tropical forest. Location , service and food all excellent. Used the free shuttle bus to go into Ubud which was very convenient. Also took advantage of their free yoga sessions which were amazing. This was a perfect hotel to finish off our amazing trip, celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.

  • "Rome to Venice" by a.kadow

    Had a fantastic time on the Royal clipper from Rome to Venice-our third cruise with Star Clippers. Have done the Windward islands and the Leeward islands, but this was an 11 night cruise and the best yet. The itinerary was excellent, loved the Croatian coast especially, though the best day was sailing into the fjiord of Kotor in Montenegro. There was an excellent choice of trips available but still plenty of time to enjoy the boat at sea. Royal Clipper had many admiring glances from people on the enormous cruise liners. Personally, I can't imagine cruising on anything but a small cruise ship and ours had the added bonus of proper sails!
    The food was also excellent and varied with plenty of choice. The crew were very friendly and the restaurant and cabin service was very good.
    All in all a wonderful holiday

  • "Star Clippers Grand Prix" by c.jarman

    We had sailed on the Royal Clipper in the Caribbean in 2014 for my husbands 65th birthday and it was fantastic each sailing so emotional with the sails going up and the wonderful music. We therefore wanted to sail on her again for my 60th this year and the Monaco Grand Prix final just happened to fall on my birthday so it had to be booked we were a little afraid that the Royal Clipper would not be as magical as we had remembered it to be but it was it was just perfect. We booked the whole package being flights, transfers, hotel and the Royal Clipper Cruise with Blue Water Holidays and everything went as planned with no hic ups just perfect would certainly book with Blue Water Holidays again, thank you.

  • "Spain, Morocco and Madeira" by C.Plunkett

    Star Flyer, one of 3 Star Clippers sailing vessels, is an attractive and well presented boat sailing vessel. It is a 4 masted barquentine with a square-rigged foremast. The food was truly excellent - beyond any criticism throughout. There were activities organised on board every day. Accidents happen at sea and this was explained quite clearly in Star Clippers' Ts & Cs.

    The cruise was very well organised from registering to disembarking and the crew were friendly and courteous at all times.

    We had an expensive en suite cabin, not quite owner's suite standard, and it was comfortable and well equipped but small. What do you expect on a boat?

    There were one or two accidents, mooring lines parted and an over-winched line snapped, but sailing is not without its hazards and the crew quickly corrected things. More seriously, a day and a half out of Cadiz, a crew member was injured in a fall and Star Flyer perforce diverted to Portimão to off-load him to a hospital on shore. And quite rightly too. But over a day's sailing was lost, which, combined with a subsequent drop in the wind, meant there was no longer sufficient time to visit Funchal. Consequently the boat sailed for 4 days directly to Las Palmas, arriving there exactly on schedule.

    It was my first trip with Star Clippers and I was surprised by how many of the other guests were ‘Star Clipper returners'. I would say over half were, a lot of them many times over, and over half the passengers were staying on board for the Atlantic crossing to Bridgetown.

    It was an expensive cruise, partly due to our choice of cabin, but I don't regret a penny of it.

  • "Venice to Venice on Royal Clipper" by J.Baird

    We have just returned from our fourth amazing trip on the Royal Clipper, this time from Venice to Venice with memorable stops in Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. As usual we had a great time, an endless supply of excellent food and a good group of fellow travellers, though unfortunately little wind for actually sailing but this didn't mar our enjoyment of the experience of being on a tall ship.

  • "Bali Eastbound on Star Clipper" by S.Whitehead

    This is a cruise where the experience of the ship is at least as important as the destination. My initial impression, from the brochure, was that it would be crowded and cramped. In fact, although everything is compact, the ship, in estate-agent terms is "deceptively spacious". The companionways are steep, there are sills to step over, fiendish doors that take your fingers off and are difficult to negotiate with two cups of coffee in your hands, but that's what you expect on a sailing ship. The decor is smart and nautical - plenty of brass, constantly being polished by the attentive and friendly crew. You need to be tidy in your cabin, but the space is adequate. Our double bed was up against a wall so my partner had either to climb over me or exit the bed over the foot. Again, it's a sailing ship, not a cruise liner. We were on the lowest deck, and when the ship heeled to port, the porthole was partially submerged. Exciting! Being aft, we were right over the engine (even if under sail, there is always a generator), so the noise of that, the aircon, and the sea sloshing at the porthole was quite intrusive. A higher, and/or more foreward cabin would be quieter.

    The food was excellent, plentiful and varied. Drinks prices not unreasonable with €8 for a cocktail and €16 for a bottle of house wine. Standard buffet breakfast to suit European tastes. Freshly baked croissants and pastries. Can't comment on lunch as too full after breakfast. Tea, served on deck in the open-air tropical bar was sandwiches, savoury snack, cakes and biscuits. Nothing exceptional but filled a gap. Dinner came with choice of 2 starters, soup, salad, 4 mains, cheese and 2 desserts. There was always an Asian dish among the mains. Vegetables rather tired (frozen, obviously), but the meat and fish were good and portions generous. The menu, together with samples of the dishes were displayed in the Piano Bar before dinner which made the choice more difficult as they all looked so good.

    The ship proceeded under sail most of the time, and that for me made this cruise so special. The crew constantly busied themselves with the sails, despite passengers under foot, and only when dropping or weighing anchor were we excluded from the foredeck. The bridge was too tiny to allow passengers in, but the GPS chart and associated data was relayed to a large screen under an awning, just aft of the bridge so we could always see what was happening. Captain Sergei was absolutely charming, very informal and always ready to engage in conversation. The sailaway each day was a highlight, as sails are hoisted to stirring music and the ship gets under way again. On one occasion we hauled the sails up by hand. Volunteers are called for to take the helm. Couldn't be happier holding the wheel, looking ahead, at the compass and the rudder angle simultaneously under the watchful eye of one of the crew. Climbing the rigging to the crow's nest was not for me, but lying in the hammock under the bowsprit was exhilarating. Despite the small size of the ship and the low passsenger/space ratio, there was always somewhere to sunbathe, sit on deck, read or simply gaze out to sea.

    This particular itinerary was, apart from the visit to the Komodo dragons , for beach and watersports enthusiasts.There were no tours inland (at eye-watering prices). If you want to see the interior, meet the villagers etc, then you need to choose the Westbound itinerary or the 10 or 11 night cruises. The only excursion offered was a €95 tour to the Bali highlands on the day of disembarkation, to suit those on a back-to-back cruise, or departing Bali on an evening flight. In the event, it was cancelled due to poor uptake, but we arranged a similar tour a few days later for £15!

    We were at the mercy of low tides at a couple of stops, meaning that pax had to transfer to the tender and then to a Zodiac to reach the beach. Some of the promised watersports were not available because of the exposed coral. Nevertheless, kayaking, SUP, windsurfing, waterskiing and sailing the Laser Pico were possible on at least one occasion. Snorkelling off the beach was easy and for the most part in good visibility. The Pink Beach on Komodo was congested with tourists from elsewhere in Indonesia and with the coming and going of small craft made snorkelling somewhat hazardous for those with less than visible snorkels, or who chose to duck-dive.

    On the last sailaway, all 16 sails were hoisted, and a tender launched for those who wanted to take photos of the ship from the water. It doesn't always happen if weather or sea conditions are unfavourable. Seeing Star Clipper sail off into the setting sun was a magical moment!

    I have taken cruises in vessels of various sizes and styles, from the floating blocks of flats in the Med and Caribbean, to more intimate expedition cruises in the polar regions on converted Russian hydrographic ships, but without doubt, Star Clipper is my favourite.

  • "Windward Islands" by T Lloyd
    I would just like to say that we were very happy with the way Blue Water holidays guided us through the process in booking our cruise as we were first timers in this ,there advice on cabins was spot on.We would have no problem in recommending them as a specialist cruise provider to our friends and we would also like to recommend the Star Clipper cruise around the Windward Islands in the Caribbean .This ship and crew were amazing the food and attention to detail was first class .We will certainly be going back to Blue Water Holidays in the future for more cruises
  • "Christmas in the Caribbean" by Michael

    My wife and I enjoyed a totally unique experience aboard the Royal Clipper. We simply loved every minute of our holiday and will certainly  consider another Star Clipper cruise in the future.

  • "Star Clipper from Athens" by Stephen

    Star Clipper 7 night cruise of Southern Cyclades from Athens

    The most important thing to bear in mind if you are looking at a Star Clipper cruise is that this is a sailing holiday and not a cruise. Unlike the big cruise ships, these ships do not have stabilizers and therefore there can be quite a lot of rocking and rolling if the sea is anyway rough.    On the first night's sailing a substantial number of passengers suffered from sea sickness including my wife!  The ship's nurse was on hand with sea sickness tablets and if you feel that you may be prone to this, takes a tablet early.

    Getting on board

    Arrival and check-in was quite painless and as there is a maximum of 170 passengers, there was no queuing.  The company do the usual thing on cruise ships by welcoming you on board with a cocktail and a buffet but on this ship you can probably meet most of you fellow passengers in one go!


     Cabins are quite compact compared to some of the bigger cruise ships but they were very comfortable.  During the trip I found that if I went to the bar it gave my wife room to do whatever women do. The price of drinks at the bar is reasonable compared to other cruise ships I have been on and tea, coffee and drinking water are all complimentary for the duration of the trip.


    Bring a southern European adapter, the ship can supply you with one but have a very limited supply.


    Apparently the ship has a Michelin Star chef and the standard of food reflected this.  Breakfast and lunch were buffet style and evening was a la carte. You can sit wherever with whoever which was helpful for those travelling alone. The house wine was fine and cost around 15 Euros for a bottle.  There were also early morning, late afternoon and mid-night snacks for those of us with a bit appetite.  It would be worth going on this cruise just for the food which was outstanding.


    As I said earlier, this holiday is all about the sailing experience and the shore excursions are an optional extra. I had heard some complaints from passengers who had travelled on a Clipper and the Captain had used the sails very infrequently. Fortunately this was not our experience and we appeared to travel under sail all the time.

     It was nice to get ashore to shop and see the sights but I could have as easily stayed on board for the duration of the trip.  Organized excursions are generally expensive but it is worth paying for the Dalyan River trip.  The Cruise Director was either poorly trained or was in the wrong job.  What information he did manage to communicate to the passengers was generally wrong, including simple things like paying for entrance to the castle and museum in Bodrum.  No, you cannot pay in any currency, they only accept Turkish Lira but if you stop at the nearest bar they will exchange your Euros for Lira.  You get a really poor rate but it was worth it to get in.  Entrance was 10 Lira.  Also unknown to the Director was that some of the sights were closed on the day of visiting. Fortunately we and a number of the other passengers treated this all as a bit of extra entertainment and it did not spoil our holiday

     Some passengers came on the trip just to see Santorini but if I go again I would give it a miss, particularly if there are other big cruise ships in.  We choose this holiday to get away from the queues but queued for about an hour to get the venicular railway back down to the harbor to board the ship again. Couple this with the problem of getting ashore on time due to the rough sea, it just wasn't worth the bother.  The place was pretty but very crowded and very expensive.  

     Setting sail each evening to the sound of Vangelis was an exhilarating experience and there was always something going on deck during the day.  This is not a big ship but the deck and bar never appeared to be crowded but you should also be aware that if the sea is rough, it is possible that the ship will be unable to berth or drop anchor.  They usually have a plan B!

    Last but not least, the crew and staff were very friendly and helpful making this a lovely holiday and we will go back, perhaps taking the trip through the Panama Canal. 



  • "Western Med Tall Ship Cruise" by Bbex
    • Deck of Star Clipper
      Deck of Star Clipper
    • Beautiful Portofino
      Beautiful Portofino
    • Portofino
    • Star Clipper in full glory
      Star Clipper in full glory
    • Shower Room with little extra
      Shower Room with little extra
    • My category 3 cabin
      My category 3 cabin

    I took a morning flight from Leeds/Bradford to Nice airport with Jet2. The taxi transfer from the Nice airport to the harbour side at Cannes takes approx 50 minutes.

    When I approached the harbour side I was a little confused as the ship was moored up out of the bay and I wondered how on earth all the passengers got onboard. As I haven't been on a ship like this before I didn't realise they commuted you back and fore by tender boats (small boats similar to a lifeboat size). I checked in at the harbour side and was given a cruise credit card to use on board. I made my way to the tender to go across to the magnificent Star Clipper. The porters took charge of your luggage so I did not need to bother or worry about getting this off the tender and onto the big ship. My luggage was taken straight to the cabin.

    I stayed in a category 3 cabin for sole occupancy on the commodore deck, room 107. The cabin was a reasonable size and furnished well. It had a small porthole, two single beds, a small dresser and chair, TV, wardrobe and marbled shower room with toilet and basin. Over all the cabin was a good standard but maybe needed a little updating on the furnishings. The porthole was just above the water level as at present it didn't both me, however when sailing through the night the water was always sloshing around in the porthole and the water noise hitting the cabin side was loud.

    Dinner was always served around 7pm. Every night the menu was different and there were always 5 courses with a variety of meals to choose from. Dietary requirements were always looked after. The food was out of this world. Lunchtime was a buffet with different continents food (American, Italian, Asian etc). I would certainly recommend in losing some weight before travelling. All I seemed to do was eat and drink. The table sizes varied they held 4, 6, 8 or 10 people and each had a waiter. In the centre of the dinning room was the buffet table which was used a breakfast and lunchtimes only. 

    Every day they always tried to raise the sails (subject to weather conditions), which was the most magnificent sight I had seen. It was beautiful. Evening entertainment was provided onboard every night. It was light entertainment either a quiz, disco or cloths show. There were mixed nationalities onboard so the entrainment was certainly entertaining at times. Dress-code onboard was mainly casual however in an even guests did want to make an effort, however they didn't "dress-up" in cocktail dresses etc. It was more smart/casual.

    Every day you were always moored in a different location, if not two locations. This gave you time to look around these places, take the option of going to a near by beach or simply laze around the sundeck soaking up the sun and dipping in the pools. On the itinerary I did my favourite stop was Portofino. This was full of very expensive yachts and boats and as you approach it has a look of wealth about it. I strolled the various shops and ally ways to offer but I will admit it was mainly window shopping as the famous shops were far too expensive for me. We sailed to many other places of interest, however being on my own it was a little strange walking around so I would get of the ship and look around for about an hour then I'd get back onboard and sunbathe.

    The staff certainly knew how to look after everyone and they were so friendly. They even knew what your favourite drink was by the 2nd day. Even though I was a single passenger onboard I never felt left out particularly at mealtimes and evenings. The staff always made sure I was sat with other passengers at meal times. The only time I was left alone was through the day, which I didn't mind because I was there to unwind.

  • "My Birthday in the Cyclades" by AngelaB
    • Donkey in Santorini
      Donkey in Santorini
    • Santorini
    • Star Clipper :)
      Star Clipper :)

    I chose to book a sailing holiday for a ‘special' birthday and had a fabulous time.

    The itinerary we booked was the Cyclades cruise as I have always been a fan of the Greek Islands and the cruise meant my and husband and I could visit a lot of Islands we hadn't been to before, in particular Santorini, which has always been on my list of places to visit it! It didn't disappoint!  

    The food on the ship was very good, the staff were fabulous and the overall ambience was great. I even managed to pluck up the courage to climb the rigging!

    I would highly recommend this cruise and am now busy saving for another cruise for my next birthday.